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x-tofu whispered:Sojin, Jessica and Sera? ^^

oooh these are hard too! i think…

1. Sojin
2. Jessica
3. Sera

vavole replied to your post: “I have to: yunho, changmin and yoochun”:
you were prepared! model shim 3rd… can’t believe…

i know… i know… i spent the first few months i was into dbsk finding him completely unattractive i haven’t quite let go lmao

jaejoongsjiji whispered:jiji, heebum, and leo

kaoru what the hell why are you sending me cats… don’t jiji and heebum look p much the same anyway… they’re cats omg i have no opinion here

if we’re just talking about my faves then heebum forever #1 in my heart (heebum > heechul for ultimate bias tbh)

hobangjae whispered:Lee Kwangsoo, kang Gary, Kim jongkook ^^

1. gary (i never understood why he’s considered ugly he’s a babe?)
2. kwang soo
3. jong kook

vavole whispered:I have to: yunho, changmin and yoochun

ooh bringing out the difficult ones (but i actually have this totally sorted)

1. yunho
2. yoochun
3. changmin