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! :O are you there to play? (because if you are, damnnn. i wanna go to australia too! :O) and is it vacation now? and :OO i'll miss you while you're gone! /;A;\ :D come back safely tho! :D

not proper vacation but midsem break so came for a couple of days with my sis to shop & eat etc :)

thanks anon I hope you had a nice weekend!


Even if I try to empty you like the rubbish bin
Even if I try to spit you out like when I eat sour medicine
Even if I vomit on you after i got drunk around dawn
Even if I try to set you back like a clock that has broken down

Don’t Leave Me,don’t go

#cinderella #simba

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Gwiyomi (*≧▽≦)

PACK? where's you gon go? :OOO

I’m in melbourne atm! just for the next couple of days (but I prob won’t be on much until I get back)